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Since 2007 we’ve been helping people get the most out of technology in business

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Our Story

In 2007 Calum Fitzgerald and Steve Bennett founded a technology consultancy they named Daemon Solutions. They had seen first-hand that technology had the power to transform business and the lives of employees, and ultimately make the world a better place.

Things took root in the retail sector and as they grew, so did the client list. Big name brands became loyal customers, including Sainsbury’s, John Lewis and ASOS. Our client base now also includes finance, government and media sectors.

At the very heart of what we do is a commitment to long-lasting relationships built on trust. Ultimately, technology solutions come and go, but the people and values are a constant. We hire people based on skills, expertise and their ideals.

Time for a name change

We’re always looking to move forward and keep pace with change we see around us and in our business. In 2007 Daemon Solutions was the right name for us and now in 2020 - a time of unpredictable and unprecedented change - we felt the time was right for a subtle refresh.

Many of you already know us as, and now we’ve simply removed a word and a vowel to keep it lean, relevant and to the point. Daemon Solutions is now (pronounced Dee-mun). The same values, same commitment to trust and the same strong belief that technology can make the world a better place.

“ focuses on hiring consultants with wide-ranging but deep skills.”


Our Values

It’s a blend, an essence, an intangible culture thing that makes us distinct.


We're easy to talk to and work with, we like to remain open-minded; we listen, absorb and consider the ideas, views and knowledge of others.


We have a strong sense of fairness and honesty; doing the right thing in a reliable way. We can, and will, say no when required though.


We approach things sensibly and realistically with a clear focus on outcomes, goals and getting things done.


We embrace change and know that there are always things that could be improved. We like to do this collaboratively with our clients and colleagues, not to them.


We always commit with energy, enthusiasm and determination. Call it ‘can do’ or simply just rolling our sleeves up. We care about what we do.