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Since 2007 we’ve been helping people get the most out of technology in business

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Our Story

In 2007 Calum Fitzgerald and Steve Bennett founded a consultancy for technical people called Daemon Solutions. They could see that organisations were getting a rough deal from existing consultancies. Calum and Steve believed that there was a better way.

So over a coffee (hot chocolate for Calum!) at the northbound Winchester services, Daemon Solutions was born. They were passionate about technology and how, when used correctly, it can transform a company and make a genuine difference to their people and their customers.

Both Founders came from a background in large scale, complex enterprise IT so this became their early area of focus - working with those customers to help them implement and scale their solutions to meet ever more challenging demands, especially at Christmas!

Things took root in the retail sector and as they grew, so did their client list. Big name brands became loyal customers, including Sainsbury’s, John Lewis and ASOS. Their client base now includes businesses in the finance, government and media sectors as well as retail.

Daemon looks for people with wide-ranging but deep skills. Empathetic, passionate and knowledgeable ‘Daemonites’, the name we give to our people who live and breathe the Daemon Values in the work they enjoy.

Since those early days of Cal and Steve against the world, sleeping on hotel room floors, Daemon has grown to nearly 100 Consultants, still single minded in its pursuit of retaining the friendly, supportive and ‘family feel’ that’s been there since the start. The numbers have changed, as have the offices - but the values and the vision remain the same - to help business and their people use technology to do better work in the world.

“Daemon focuses on hiring consultants with wide-ranging but deep skills.”


Our Values

It’s a blend, an essence, an intangible culture thing that makes us distinct.

Honesty, respect, integrity etc

It’s just what you’d expect really, perhaps it doesn’t need saying, but these things are fundamental and just things we expect from people and what we’ll always give you back.

We’re spirited

Whatever the undertaking we always commit to it with energy, enthusiasm and determination. Call it ‘can do’ or simply just rolling our sleeves up.

We’re adventurous

It’s not about being totally carefree or foolhardy, but understanding that when our people try something new, or explore new ideas or ways of doing things we’ll be there to support them.

We’re fulfilling

We recognise potential. It’s not about where you are but where you have the desire to go. We believe in helping our people to be satisfied and happy through allowing their character and abilities to develop fully and take flight.

We’re supportive

Our people know that we have their back. Trust means we give them the freedom to make judgement calls based on their knowledge, skills, experience and wisdom - something that goes beyond simple collaboration.

We’re progressive

The world we work in is fast moving and full of change - at Daemon we embrace that change and innovation and encourage our people to be bold and do their best to harness that power.