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Atlassian are a global technology company whose goal is to unleash the power of teams through their software, including Jira, Confluence and Jira Service Desk.

Here at Dae.mn we not only love Atlassian and their products, but we share their passion for improving teamwork and collaboration for all teams. This is one of the reasons why we became an Atlassian solution partner.

As a partner we provide services to support all your Atlassian needs delivered by our team of certified professionals. From training and licensing to migrating your Atlassian workload onto a public cloud, we have you covered.

Are you an existing Atlassian customer who is looking for ways in which to expand the usage of your Atlassian tools to benefit the wider company? If so then get in touch

Our Atlassian Services


Need some general assistance with Atlassian products or Marketplace apps or are you looking for innovative ways to expand your usage of the products to your wider company? Our team of Atlassian certified consultants can help. From general support to creating bespoke solutions for all areas of your company, from HR to Finance, we have it covered.


Are you a new customer looking to setup your first Atlassian product or an existing Atlassian customer looking to add to your Atlassian products? We can help to install and configure Atlassian products and Marketplace Apps.


Do you need help with upgrading your Atlassian product/s and Marketplace Apps? At Dae.mn we know the importance of keeping up to date with the latest releases. We can help you upgrade to keep you up to date with the latest features and security patches.


Looking to migrate your Atlassian workload? We can help with all deployment types (Server, Data Center, Cloud) and all migration types (on-premise, Atlassian cloud, public cloud). Looking to move your Atlassian workload onto AWS? Well you’re in luck as we are an approved AWS Atlassian workload migration partner.


Are your team, users, Atlassian Admins looking for some Atlassian training? If so then we can deliver training to suit your needs. Whether it’s at your place or ours, we can create bespoke training to suit your needs.


Do you love using your Atlassian products, but not so much of a big fan of the overhead of supporting it? We’ll host your Atlassian environment and provide a SaaS experience to your organisation, taking away the hassle. You concentrate on the work that matters to you and your customers, and we’ll look after the rest.


Need to purchase, renew, co-term or upgrade your user tier for your Atlassian licenses? We can assist with all licensing requests, from initial purchases to increasing your user tier. Not a fan of all the different renewal dates for your Atlassian products? Then get in touch and we can discuss co-terming your licenses so you only have one renewal date to put in the diary.

Health Check

Have you been using Atlassian products for a while or has your usage increased so much that the performance is being affected? If so then a health check review might be useful to make sure your Atlassian products are in a good state. We can provide you with a review of your configuration, usage and performance of the tools to make sure you are getting the most from them.

“When you think differently about how Jira could benefit your whole organisation, you start to deliver the inter-departmental collaboration needed for a business to thrive.”

Dan Hellings, Atlassian Lead at Dae.mn

Atlassian / Insight

Jira is not just for Christmas — An alternative perspective on Jira

Jira is clearly a must-have for Software Development teams, but that is only a tiny part of how it can benefit your organisation. Consider incorporating other business processes into the tool and creating a flexible and easy to use tool for the whole company to benefit from.

Atlassian workload migrations onto AWS

Dae.mn are an approved UK AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and Atlassian Solution Partner delivering Atlassian workload migrations onto AWS. Our reliable and repeatable migration process is based on our best practice approach to AWS Cloud Migration, DevOps, Automation and Atlassian. Customers can migrate to a fully managed service or a self hosted and managed service.

“After struggling with our usage of our Atlassian products, Dae.mn came in and streamlined our use of the tools to complement our agile way of working. It was a pleasure to work with them”