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At we understand each client has their own business perspective and unique events driving decisions. Adopting Cloud is not just a technology concern - it’s part of a larger change including people and behaviours.

Whether your business is extremely risk adverse or highly experimental, we believe it’s important to be on the Cloud journey. And we won’t be too prescriptive about the route or the purity of methodology used to get ‘there’. provides support in the journey from start to (infinite) end - after all, in the Cloud, as in life in general, it is better to iterate than set a fixed end!

We use Design Thinking to look at your needs through the lens of Desirability (what users want), Feasability (what is technologically possible) and Viability (what does the business want, what are the capabilities going forward) to create real value.


Planning, designing, architecting, readiness-assessments, assessments of live deployments, ‘centre of excellence’ optimisation or training engagements all form part of our advisory capability. Helping clients prepare, develop the right mindset and see through a technology lens are all important steps in adoption.


How we translate designs into production solutions for our customers. Creating infrastructure platforms, migrating applications (legacy included) & data, and transitioning services to the Cloud without major refactoring - these can be the first steps of many customers into the world of the Cloud.


Building on migrations most solutions being moved to the Cloud will require changes. Some refactoring may be necessary but quite often refactoring is a choice. Cloud-based services offer higher availability, unparalleled scalability and dramatically reduced technical management, all of which can be taken advantage of when things are refactored.

Cloud-native Solutions

The Cloud offers an ever-expanding set of pre-built services. Historically, many (pre-Cloud) services would be cost-prohibitive and therefore only accessible to those with the deepest pockets. Cloud services open up the playing field, with easy economic access and flexible adoption, meaning these options are now available to all.

“It would be a dream come true if all of our partners were adopting such well architected solutions and working with experts like”

EMEA Head of Security


Cloud / White paper

How moving to the Cloud will change your business

It’s time to make big changes to your business. Across leadership models, project methodologies and IT procurement. This change is fundamental to the successful integration of new digital infrastructure.

Cloud / Client story

Smart Cloud migration you can trust

When disruption of a £30m revenue stream and retail experience in over 30 stores in the UK is at stake the solution requires careful planning and confident execution. Find out how our expertise and approach ensured a smooth transition to the Cloud for our client and their customer.