Performance Engineering

Measuring, tuning, tweaking. And then some

Performance Engineering to help you get the most from your mission

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Need to scale a system to meet customer demands? Move performance ‘left’ as part of your DevOps implementation? Maybe optimising cloud compute to reduce costs? Or simply you need to make your website faster than the competition. When it comes to Performance Engineering Daemon have got your back.

Performance Engineering really is at the core of what we do - it’s one of the foundations that Daemon was built on. Over the years we’ve been involved in dozens of successful projects, it’s safe to say we have the expertise and we know what we’re doing.

“Performance Engineering is not the same thing as Performance Testing”

Our Services

Our Performance Engineering capability goes beyond the practice of performance testing systems and seeks to embed a discipline of performance focus throughout the software development lifecycle.

We embed Performance Thinking into existing development practices to ensure that performance is not an afterthought. We use our proven approach to limit performance bugs and re-work by measuring, testing and tuning early in the delivery lifecycle, saving time and money. Catch fast, Fix fast.

Our performance expertise is also used extensively in the cloud. Building highly scalable solutions, does not happen by accident (even in the cloud) and with the potential of near limitless scalability and compute power, can also attract? near limitless cost too. We work with our customers to design high availability, high performance systems that are cost optimised out-of-the-box.

With Performance Engineering, no news is good news. Our job is to keep your systems up when you and your customers need them the most.