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The TechCommunity is a place to share our interest in technology and provide a forum for us to meet like-minded people in our industry.

We are focused on high quality meetings and events to help you stay informed and get inspired. We want to present events  that will excite, educate and yes, entertain you, covering a range of hot topics and current issues in our sector. This could be anything from Machine Learning and AI, to the future of digital transformation in retail, to the importance of creativity and design thinking in business.

It’s early days for us, but we are keen to provide something distinct. The TechCommunity is totally open and inclusive - it won’t be just about beer and pizza for techies, or a place for high level C-level executives to do some corporate networking. We want to grow a community that shares its stories in order to build relationships and deepen our collective knowledge.

If you think that sounds interesting and exciting please join us.

Recent events

Inspiring Role Models in Technology, March 2019

For some time now we’ve wanted to start building a community, a place where we could bring together like-minded people and provide an inclusive platform where those individuals can share stories, get inspired and stay informed.

To kick things off we wanted a showcase community event with a topic that was broad enough to encourage people from all areas in technology to come along and be inspired. Think Equal, Build Smart, Innovate for Change — that’s the theme for this year’s International Women’s Day and technology can have a big part to play in making that happen.

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